maybe the real aesthetic was the friends we made along the way


me: horoscopes are fucking stupid if you believe that shit you’re a fucking—

horoscope: leos are sexy as hell

me: genius bruh these shits are real as fuck amazing how are they so on point all the time

me: forgets i'm wearing eyeliner
me: rubs eyelid
me: who the hell is bucky


long-distance friendships are terrible because you can’t meet up with them whenever you want and hang out on any given day which is why when i’m president i’m relocating the entire human population into a 10,000,000 story skyscraper that also acts as a bridge from earth to the moon which comes with the added benefit of swinging the moon around like a fucking mace, god damn it’s gonna look so cool. what was i talking about


when ur friends start shit with u


They say the war was terrible. That the rest of the world was destroyed. Our founders built the wall to keep us safe, and they divided us into five groups - factions - to keep the peace.


get out your VCR’s it’s time to watch The Prince of Egypt. or you can watch it here.

please don’t watch exodus: gods and kings because it’s icky and racist. you deserve better. you deserve the prince of egypt.


looking out for your significant other like



How to know which boy you like:

1. Get very drunk

2. You will cry about the boy you like



*NOTE: This applies to English essays only

We all have been there- we’re assigned an essay, given the prompt, and stare hopelessly at a Word Document, hoping that all the ideas rolling around in our head will just appear on the paper. The worst part of an essay is getting started. Introductions are hard to write, and some students may skip them all together and write it last. This is an age old strategy that isn’t bad at all…if you have your thesis written. If you are going to skip your intro, please still write your thesis. If you don’t, you might as well not write the paper altogether, because it will be jumbled, incoherent, and rambling.


Many Most people loathe thesis statements (myself included) and have no clue whatsoever as to how to write a proper one. A thesis, as we all know, states what we are writing about, or more importantly, arguing for. However, we CANNOT write the cookie cutter, three part thesis we learned once in fifth grade and decided to use forever. This limits our essay to three body paragraphs, and our essay becomes either extremely condensed as we want to fit in information, or stretched out, as we simply don’t have enough to write about. Also, the thesis sounds stupid. 

I personally use a general formula for my english essays:


Right now you’re probably like ‘whaaaat that makes no sense’ but I’ll explain with a prompt and an example thesis.

PromptDiscuss the significance of old age and death in King Lear, and how it contributes to the theme.


Novel/poem title and author are self explanatory. Where I had put (diction, simile, etc) is where you stick what the prompt is asking. Whether it be asking how simile brings about change or how diction is conveyed, fix the words to stick it there, and make sure it will fully answer everything the prompt is asking. 

Instead of just blatantly stating theme, I put generalization about the human condition. Although it truly is where you put the theme of the novel, poem, etc, you must remember it is a generalization of us. The theme of any story is general and NOT actually about the specific events itself- it should be able to be applied anywhere. Remember that. I’ll do another prompt- this is on the novel Crime and Punishment.

Prompt: Describe the importance of the city to the plot. How does the city serve as a symbol of society and of Raskolnikov’s state of mind?


Here I changed the formula to fit my prompt and thats ok. However, I still maintained my general theme without applying it only to the novel itself.

I survived my senior year of high school by using this formula, but always remember to use your thesis like it is- the driving force of your paper. Because the generalized theme is stated, make sure to apply it in your paper itself!!! Don’t just leave it there in the thesis statement. It will strenghthen your paper and ultimately give you more ideas.

If you have any questions or need help with a prompt/thesis, don’t hesitate to send an ask.